March 7, 2012

March 2012

 March...the beginnings of least we are hopeful!
While spring cleaning in the West is undertaken in a loose manner collectively, it's much more organized in other countries. One ritual, which is done is called "shaking the house", and the custom lives up to its name.
Every bit of a home is scoured and cleaned; nothing is spared. Rugs, drapes, bedding, knick-knacks, floors, ceilings -- everything gets a good cleaning. Fresh scented flowers are brought in to renew the house's vibrancy. Once the house is shaken, spring can arrive!

One of this month's projects was Etta the Marotte!
Etta was a delight to make. Here are some of the puppets from class.

What to do with those fabulous precious scraps of fabrics...applique of course!
Side story: For our class Laura brought in this bag of vintage fabrics that she rescued from an estate sale. If you love fabric then you can appreciate these fabrics- real rayon, silk, and luscious cotton velvets..with a vintage white print cotton. Initially, Laura spotted a cedar chest and asked the woman if anything was in the chest "oh yes, just some old scraps...I threw them away..nothing of value...but I do have this little bag you can have". One man's we all were drooling over these pieces!!
Our other project for this month was the Running Rabbit pillow. I used a 100% wool skirt I found at Goodwill for $4.99. I took it apart and felted it. For appliques, I used scraps of fabrics I had handy- including silk velvet, cottons and wool felt.

close up of embroidery with linen and silk threads...
detail of appliques and embroidery
We needed just a wee bit more time to finish all the hand-work...but here are some almost completed!

I love the relationship to one another with things...
I think that is one reason I love quilts..not only the textures of the fabrics...but the bringing of the same but different pieces together into one!
So taking that a bit further- why not group everyday things together? Just for the sake of creating!!
Even more industrious?? Add your own hand in sewing or weaving to it!
Cut magazine petals sewn together and then hung
via anthropologie: woven clothespins

Word of the Year! Change the rules!
Bring other objects into play while related to you above...
click here for tutorial you have teacups made from paper...
what else could you use?? Old maps? Silk petals...heck~ real petals...leaves...fabrics...keep thinking- Change the Rules!

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2012 Classes at ROotie in Denver
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Chun Woo: Ohio April 21 & 22 contact Pam
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Marionette: June 10-16 NC John C Campbell Folk School
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Santos Maria Cage skirt Doll 2 day Class
Art is You Conference Oct 4-9 Stamford CT
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Piecemakers CA  October 27-28
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Santos Maria Cage skirt Doll 2 day Class