June 21, 2011

My Village continued...

So we are moving right along with our My Village (year long project)...
Here is what we have to date! 7 so far...These are going to be bound together so they will stand in an accordion style.
Here they are close up
My House

House of Heart

Flower Shoppe

Fruit & Veggie Shoppe

Candy Shoppe

Favortie Number House

Sewing Shoppe ( had to have that- of course!)
what left...you ask??
Bakery Shoppe, Birdie in the Garden Shoppe, Song Shoppe...the adventure goes on!

June 17, 2011

Helen's Sewing Box

Recently my friend, Jeanne, brought this sewing box that belonged to her Grandmother to one of the groups I belong to...I would say early to early-mid 1900...

The box is of a box-like board covered in this wonderful fabric a cross between a fine linen and a cotton...weathered to just the right of use from handling in that mending and sewing period of time.

Then to open it and find all these wondrous treasures inside...during our meeting I lost my present surroundings and found myself in the past relishing each little special object inside!

Darling small wooden spools of threads, needle packets of paper with precious labels, bone and pearl tatting shuttles with the most delicate fine cotton tatting threads, a leather needlecase from England...so many treasures to adore...a little photo...so little time...even a wee-small doll head!!

 On the inside part of the box lifts up to reveal more secret treasures of Bakelite buckles!

SOOooo...with all these magical items and the beautiful box...the logical next step is for me to reproduce it!! I had to share this with all of you...I have already put "Mama's Sewing Box" on the schedule for a class and a pattern/kit!!

Maybe this fabric?? The adventure begins...

June 10, 2011

Happy Bird!

Although it has been many months since I have reached out and written in this blog...it has always been there resting in my heart...life is always about finding balance or for myself..maybe it is about finding the quiet time...to be still long enough to be within myself.

A bird does not sing
because it has an answer.
It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb

Happy Birdone of my May Classes...when designing this piece, I wanted to create  a free standing piece with the look of feathers using fabric. I thought about this only for a moment when I realized the frayed edge of the fabric IS feathers!
And so came Happy Bird!

 Happy Bird stands about 
6-inches to the head and 8-inches to the tail.

Class Birds:

 My husband, Mark, has always told me this saying..

The early bird gets the worm.
If you are a bird, be an early bird. 
But if you are a worm- sleep late!