I believe that working...creating...with your hands is a direct link to your soul.
It is in the sewing- the mending
that you reach into yourself to pull out the beauty of your creation.

-Leslie Molen-
Cloth Doll Artist

As a very young child I remember being so entranced with fabric-the touch, the flow, the weave. I remember two of my little dresses my Mother had made for me. One from a crisp gold cotton with little diamond shapes woven through and matching mother-of-pearl buttons. The other was a light blue cotton fabric more loosely woven and little tufts of navy and red. I asked my Mother about these dresses and she said I was about 1 ½ years old at that time. My next ‘fabric’ memory was when I was four and so wanted a mannequin for Christmas- just to make clothing for her.

This explains the whole thing; it all makes wonderful sense now! I was placed on this earth to be a doll artist! I am so fortunate to be able to share and explore my creativity with all of you.

Leslie holds classes twice a month at ROotie StudiO in Denver and is available for private lessons. She also does travel to teach. Leslie is kept busy with her designing of new class projects along with her own doll making for private commissions.
Leslie lives with her ever-supportive husband, Mark and her kitty, Isabella Sunshine.