April 10, 2012

April 2012

As summer approaches, we put away our grey and black dark clothing and start to pull out our fun summer colors! The grey ground and bare trees start to sprout with color!
Beautiful and alive with brightness! Color.~how it reaches us...Color~ how it inspires us...
Hello All-
In celebration of my of my birthday month-April and of Spring
I will be hosting a Lucky Rabbit Pincushion Give-away!

This past month, I was invited to go to Indianapolis to teach Chun Woo to this fabulous doll group*!
Indie Dollmakers Link
Not sure if you remember that is when they had all those wild tornadoes... hail...rain..wind...dollmaking can be magical and this was the case when I arrived the clouds parted and the sun peeped its shining face out! whew!

What fun we had...what beautiful dolls were created by this talented group!

I always love going back over these photos and think back fondly of our time together!
*Special thanks to Julie and her wonderful husband for taking such good care of me!!

Here at ROotie:
Here in my studio we all came together to create one of the Veg Head Dolls- Esperanza Eggplant!
We would like to share with you our finished pieces:


Learn and grow all you can; serve and befriend all you can; enrich and inspire all you can"  WA Ward
Simone and her Mother came about a year ago to visit my studio...and for the last year Simone has been working at creating her own dolls- yes on her own! Her Mom called to see if I would be bale to take Simone (11 years old) as a private student...Of course!!-especially since she was so determined.
So our adventures has started...
drafting her own design for a pattern
finished "ugly" doll
creating a sock doll without a pattern- determined yes- even with her cast!
finished piece + with extra we made a wrist corsage!
So far we have created a Pixie, pattern drafting-Ugly Doll, creating on your own-Sock Doll. 
Next we are dying yarn...to crochet a bag and flowers!!
what will I become?!?
We have a great and fun line-up...so stay tuned~much more to come!!

What can be used that is an everyday item and turned into the beautiful?
ROotie contributor: Marles
Coffee Filter Roses!
How to dye and make coffee filter flowers

Blooming and Gorgeous!!! Color!!

“Your eyes see the flower, but only your heart knows its beauty
Your eyes can see, but only your heart can know the soul”
May we be so fortunate to have, at least once, touched a Soul.
As an artist, we never know where or how our heart-felt pieces will reach another heart. We are so fortunate to hear that, yes, indeed our creation brought joy to another...to me...that is what doll making is all about!

David came to me Christmas 2010 to make a doll for his Mother. We decided to create her beloved cat- Timmy...
...and Timmy the doll was created...
 Forward to this past year...
Mabel was struck with cancer and eventually needed complete care with hospice. I was so touched to hear that during Mabel's last two weeks, it was Timmy (doll) who gave her comfort and brought a smile to her face...I believe that nothing, nothing can come even close to being fulfilled when you hear how something you made with your hands, from your heart, helped another human being.
 Mabel Glynn 1922 - 2012

Word of the Year! Change the rules!

When it isn't working you need to make changes...sometimes there are no set rules and you are flying by the seat of your pants.
With every change comes challenge- you know "if it where easy..everyone would be doing it"
I am working on making changes to help reach more of you...patience...I am telling myself this! I want it to be right and to be wonderful- just for you!  

Expand...evolve your love of dollmaking with these classes and events!

2012 Classes at ROotie in Denver
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Travel Classes
Chun Woo: Ohio April 21 & 22 contact Pam
2 day class

Marionette: June 10-16 NC John C Campbell Folk School
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NIADA Classes and Conference  Stamford CT
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Santos Maria Cage skirt Doll 2 day Class
Art is You Conference Oct 4-9 Stamford CT
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Felted Bunny 1 day class
Piecemakers CA  October 27-28
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Santos Maria Cage skirt Doll 2 day Class

until next time! 
hope this helped you to add some color in your life!!