2013 Classes with Leslie Molen
January 11-13
Santos Maria- Cage Skirt Doll
Sisters of the Cloth- CA
May 19-25
Ling Li / Chun Woo
John C Campbell-NC
June 24-30
Marin County CA
July 11-12
Ling Li / Chun Woo
Flying Phoebes- CA
August 17-18
(possible 24)
Queen Anne-
Jointed Cloth Doll Body
Tasha and her Corgi Dogs
Piecemakers- CA
November 16-17
Queen Anne -Clothing

Class Descriptions
Name of Class: Queen Anne-Jointed Cloth Doll Body
Description of Class: 3-Day Class: Join Leslie in creating this cloth doll inspired from the 1800 wooden versions.
A jointed body and carved face decorated with stylized eyebrows and brightly rouged cheeks characterize the "Queen Anne" style dolls. English woodcarvers and craftsmen began making these dolls in the 1600s which continued through the 1840s. Affordable only to affluent families, the vast majority of Queen Anne dolls where owned by women, who dressed them in the fashions of the time.

In this Body class, you will learn to create a jointed limbed body of cloth with a three dimensional face, inset painted almond shaped eyes. Learn unique painting techniques to give your doll an antiqued wooden finish.

Name of Class: Queen Anne-Jointed Costuming
Description of class project: 3-Day Class: Join Leslie in creating the clothing for your Queen Anne doll, inspired from the 1800 wooden versions. In this Costume class, you will learn to create a complete costume from the 1800 time period including undergarments, dress, and bonnet.

Name of Class: Ling Li / Chun Woo
Description of class project: Come join Leslie to create Ling Li Hua (Delicate Pearl Blossom) and her sister Chun Woo, (Spring Rain).  Together with Leslie learn using detailed instructions on how to create a beautiful and Asian-influenced doll. Our focus will be on needle sculpting a head, inserting glass eyes with an overlay and armatures in the body for a free standing doll. Sewing, stuffing and color balance with fabrics will also be explored.

Name of Class: Tasha and her Corgi Dogs
Description of class project: Tasha Tudor was an extraordinary woman, best known as a children's illustrator whose pastel watercolors and delicately penciled lines depicted an idyllic, old-fashioned vision of the 19th-century way of life she lived, shown in her life, her spirit, her dress.
Here I created a doll in memory of her. My goal was to capture her simple, yet thoughtful style. Together with Leslie create this Free standing 16 inches doll, Needlesculpted head with gauze overlay
Embroidered features, cotton clothing from the 1800’s including chemise under garment and wigging from wool. Also as a bonus, Leslie will also be teaching dry and wet felting to create 2 little corgi dogs that Tasha so loved.

ROotie Fees:
Group: One day classes $75/ Two Day $135/ Three Day $195
Private:  $70/hour

Contact Leslie:
studio: 303-996-0655

Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel a confirmed workshop for any reason, the following will apply:
 ~More than a week before start date: No charge
~Less than one week before start date: ½ Class Fee charged + kit/pattern/shipping fee
~24 hours or less before class start: Full Class fee charged + kit/pattern/shipping fee
All other Venues will have their own Cancellation Policies