February 6, 2012

February 2012

Valentines Day- my favorite Holiday of the year! Why??? No not the flower and candies (doesn’t hurt though) I like to think of it in the very basic form- about love! Love of friends, love of family…love.

So with that in mind please enjoy this February E-News!

This section will be about classes and projects!
For the first project of the year, I like to start with a warm up creation…and I love pincushions…so why not??
François & Fromage©

Made from wool felt
Class Dolls :

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$10 + Shipping

Re-purpose, reusereclaim!
I love felting old sweaters and then use them for a fun project! Simple felting: Wash in hot water in your washer on regular cycle with detergent. Dry thoroughly in the dryer.
Here is one from Martha- I think it is darling!
link here - scroll over to tools materials for pattern template and supplies

These are things that I find through the month or are sent to me...

love love this!!
funny thing...so I gave this photo to Peep and she came running back to my studio and said you HAVE to come and see what was up on my computer screen when I returned to my studio...

“Take the first step in faith.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, 

just take the first step.”

I so believe in supporting out "young" people with their creative endeavors...
from Kate- the dancer, the quilter, the attorney!!...

From my friend Jeanne...love this perpetual calendar of Saints- didn't realize that you could have 365 of saints!...this is good inspiration for all those Santos dolls running around in my head...
just beautiful...henna inspired cakes...creme-delicious.com

Expand...evolve your love of dollmaking with these classes and events!
ROotie Classes
posted for the year - link here

Travel Classes:

Chun Woo: Ohio April 21 & 22 contact Pam
2 day class

Marionette: June 10-16 NC John C Campbell Folk School
class expanded- two openings left! Info here
Marionette 6 day class
NIADA Classes and Conference  Stamford CT
Registration now open! Link here for the selection!
Santos Maria Cage skirt Doll 2 day Class

Art is You Conference Oct 4-9 Stamford CT
Classes open late Feb Link here
Felted Bunny 1 day class
Piecemakers CA  October 27-28
Registration now open! Link here to contact!
Santos Maria Cage skirt Doll 2 day Class

Word of the Year!  
A no-win situation caused by a set of rules that can only be won by changing the rules.
I have used the same format (or so) of running my business for the last 15 years...so now it comes to a point were it is working for the business...too well! hummm.... then why change?

Every one and every business needs to keep growing and with that comes change. I feel that my business has taken on a life of its own and I am just hanging on for the ride. So dag-nabit! I am changing the rules...change is needed and I started hunting around and found an online course HelloSoulHelloBusiness that I believe is helping me nudge my business into a better place!....stay tuned- and yes! the best is yet to come!