October 3, 2011

October E-News

I have found this year to be most challenging! I have the view that when we are presented with life challenges, it is to help us grow- to learn something from it…
As many of you know I planned and hosted the NIADA Conference this year in Denver. It was quite the feat to create this event! And the Westin, it’s grounds, supervisors and staff, facility and rooms were incredible! Our dollmaking classes filled and the Conference was beautiful…please see this link for photos of our fun time together... 

We all know that when your plate is full there is always that little surprise that needs to squeeze in- just one more thing to overfill that plate!! 
During this time my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a bit overwhelming, but time for me to step up since no one else was able too. I will say with all the positive good wishes and prayers my Dad came through fabulously- was able to walk out of the hospital with out oxygen and 2 weeks after having a quarter of his lung removed was back on his beloved bike! Now six months later he just passed his check up with flying colors!! Then as one more additional my Mom needed a pacemaker...life IS interesting- every moment!
NIADA Dolls:
ok...so I am known to work great under pressure and yes, I am well aware that I bring it on myself! So besides planning the Conference and juggling life, I decided that I wanted to design a new doll...jointed...in cloth! FairyTale Dolls... 
New sculpted head covered in silk crepe, painted eyes, 
embroidered eye brows, Tibetan lamb hair. 
Clothing: varied silk with vintage Japanese kimono fabrics and vintage laces. Printed quote from fairy tale.
 all photos copyright 2011- 
Mark Mortensen Photgraphy 
and Leslie Molen- ROotie StudiO
close up of Goldi
full shot of Goldi with her mohair Bear

Just right...

Little Red
close up of Little Red
Full Shot with mohair Wolf: Cape has lining of vintage Japanese fabric

What big eyes...
close up of Snow
Full Shot of Snow with silk velvet apple
Mirror mirror on the wall...

Class Dolls at ROotie:
My girls and I have been so excited to make these small sweet dolls- Les Petite Poupees!!
Sample doll with two needle-felted sheep
Here they are each posing so prettily!!

Doll House Dolls: a Japanese book
ISBN # 4-529-04200-6
Other Happenings:
Delightful things have happened over the last few months!! To read more about each click on the link!


ROotie 2011 Classes:

 Classes are held at ROotie StudiO
1855 South Pearl St #5 Denver, CO 80210 303-996-0655
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
~One day classes $69  ~Two Day Classes $115 ~Private Lesson  $65/hour
Traveling Dates  ROotie StudiO Dates
My Village~ My House
Jan 22
Strawberry Pincushion
Jan 23
Felt Folk Rabbit
Feb 12 & 13
My Village~House of Heart
Feb 26
Santos Maria
March 5-14
John C Campbell
Running Rabbit
March 19
My Village~ Flower Shoppe
March 26


Santos Maria
April 28 –
May 2
Happy Bird
May 14 & 15

My Village~ Fruit & Veg Shoppe
Candy Shoppe
May 28
May 29

Radish Girl
June 11 & 12
My Village~ Fav Number House
Sewing Shoppe
June 25
 June 26
Sculpted Cat

July 16, 17,
July 23
My Village
July no class

August 21-28
My Village
Aug no class


Les Petites Poupees
Sept 17,18,24

Ling Li Hua or Chun Woo
+ Carrying Case
8,9, and 10

My Village~ Bakery
Birdie in the Garden
Oct 22
Oct 23
My Village...so far!

My Village Song Shoppe
Nov 12

Surprise Holiday Doll
Nov 26 & 27

My Village Box
Dec 10

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel a confirmed workshop for any reason, 
the following will apply:
 ~More than a week before start date: No charge
~Less than one week before start date: 
½ Class Fee charged + kit/pattern/shipping fee
~24 hours or less before class start: 
Full Class fee charged + kit/pattern/shipping fee

StudiO Days will return in 2012!!

Word of the Year: Wabi Sabi
Seek Happiness in Life - Live in a Tea Pot
Old tale of Chinese folklore about a man who loved tea so much that he decided to live in a tea pot.
The deeper meaning is to do what you enjoy in life. If there is something that makes you happy, then make that thing the focus of your life. Life is too short to be stuck in some job or some thing that you don't like