July 7, 2011

What will I be...

a sculpted cat....It was time for me to put this next class designed. Many of you saw the Sculpted Rabbit from last year-  
Usagi Rakki ~ Lucky Rabbit...

So for this year, we are doing a sculpted cat...What will I be??

She will be of clay - heads and paws...
And have fabulous fabrics- linens, silk, cotton, some of vintage kimono pieces...
She needed a vintage silk body...I was short a bit of fabric, so pieced the center of the torso with kimono silk liner fabric...notice the toes!! already dyed the soft pink!!
Ōjo Neko ~ Princess Cat!!

Some  Close Ups...

Piece of cotton Japanese fabric

 Collar of Vintage Shibori Fabric

Close up of Tint Color on Face
Horsehair Whiskers

Vintage Kimono for Obi with embroidery

Applique of Skirt

French Knots on Eyelet Skirt

More to come after class happening this month!!